Starting to sell is so simple

You are only a few clicks away from clearing your clutter and bringing in some cash. Try it with anything, even your old car or boat! No more “what’s last price” just set a buy now and a reserve price and you’re on your way.

When you are registered as a seller and Login, you should be taken straight to the Vendors dashboard. To add your item for sale, click AUCTION

and then ADD AUCTION PRODUCT (Top right on the page)

Now complete the form, start with the featured Image which you should upload from your computer click Upload Product Image. You can upload more images using the + box.

You then give the product a Name and add a short description of what you are selling. A full description and any technical details can be added in the box at the bottom of the form. Click the dropdown list to select a category that your item will be shown in, along with any product tags that might match. You will then need to complete the general Options section. If your item is used, the click the NEW text and select USED. Leave the Auction Type as Normal and tick the Enable proxy bidding box.


Set an attractive start price to encourage bids and then select the bid increment level ie., if it is a low value article you might want bids to go up at a value of only €1, but a higher value item such as a car you might want to set at €10 or higher.

Reserved price is important as this is the lowest price you will agree to sell at, this is the ‘last price’ we are always asked about here in Cyprus. So if you just want to get rid of something you can set this as €0 ie. no reserve price.

Buy it now price is of course the price you would be prepared to sell at without waiting for the auction to run.

When you are happy with everything just click the Auction start date and select when you want it to start, then do the same for the End date. You can now enable automatic relisting in case your things don’t sell. Please note that the relist duration is in hours and not days, so if you wanted to relist for 10 days you would need to enter 240.

You are now ready to enter the full description and it is here you should list any technical details etc. You can also add the details for payment, collection or delivery. If there are faults with the item please make sure you list them so people are aware of what they are bidding on. If your description is accurate you will have a great time selling your goods.

You are now ready to sell – click the add auction product button and that’s it!